Wencar Ice Ice Baby

Sire: Ch Ocobo Candyman Can

Dam: A Star For Live Surrounds With Bulls At Wencar (Imp Nld)

Born 29th September 2014

Wencar Ice Ice Baby

Wencar Ice Ice Baby my sweet Baby got second in a lovely open Bitch class at Driffield ch show today judge Ann van den Heuvel thank you Erimus Paul-Catherine for the lovely pictire just love my sweet sweet girl xx
Newman: Wencar Ice Ice Baby; nice sized bitch with terrific length
and breadth of skull, good width and depth of foreface with good layback,
nice dark pigmentation, terrific depth of brisket, strong bone, good barrel rib,
short cobby body, strong hindquarters, sparkling condition, moved well.
considered for res. cc

Northern Ireland Bulldog Club

We have had a great weekend first time we have been to Northern Ireland Bulldog Club and also the Belfast Championship Show, we had a lovely warm welcome at both shows and really pleased with Wencar Ice Ice Baby getting first in Open bitch a big class , would like to thank the Judge Enrika Walker for best bitch in show and res best in show

critiques Northern Ireland Bulldog Clubshow 2016
Enrika Walker thank you for thinking so highly of my baby
OB (16,8)1. Newman's. Wencar Ice Ice Baby,
Well balanced bitch with pleasing head, good length and width of foreface, nice wide underjaw, dark eyes, well placed thin rose ears. Good reach of neck leading into neat front assembly, compact body with good depth of rib,correct topline with low set healthy tail. Shown in sparkling condition. Handled and moved well. BB,RBIS.

Scotish Ch show

1st in open bitch Best Bitch her first CC and res best of breed

Jusge Chris Bradshaw

British Bulldog club show open Bitch 1st in open bitch

and res best bitch in show

Judge Lorraine Watkins

1st Wencar Ice Ice Baby White. A bitch that fills the eye. Beautiful head with dark eyes round eyes, beautiful black pigment. Well padded cheeks and width in foreface. Tacked on shoulders, well boned straight front, strong pasterns

and neat round feet. full barrelled rib, just the right drop behind the shoulders to make a good topline.

Moved well coming and going. Immaculate presentation. Pleased to give her Reserve Best Bitch.

Windsor Ch show

Wencar Ice Ice baby at blackpool ch show in open bitch showed lovely bless her

Baby Now 20 months old



PUPPY BITCH Class.-Northumberland and Durham
1st Best Bicth, BPIS & BOS.- WENCAR ICE ICE BABY.-
White, 11 months old bitch. Excellent balanced bitch, with great substance but feminine appearance. Excellent skull, large and very high from jaw to apex of skull. Well rounded cheeks and very broad muzzle. Well placed nose, in the right position a proportion with eyes and noseroll. Very dark eyes, nearly black, wide apart in the same line than a defined stop. Nice small rose ears, very wide apart in the topline of skull. Strong foreface with broad jaw, very well turned up. Strong neck, well arched, and fantastic angulation of shoulders, tacked on body; fantastic brisket, well let down between the stout and straight forelegs, forming all together an excellent front. Excellent rib, very good topline that finish in a standard healthy tail. Long hindquarters form loins to hock making the right proportions to allow a good movement. Although she needs still a fitter muscles in the back end, she moved very well with the right characteristics of bulldog movement.thank you to Judge: Mr. Vicente Molés Vilar.- “Meljane” (Spain) for thinking so highly of my baby she also won the puppy competion under Jean Booth was a great day that was bless her just love her to bitch she really is my baby xx

1st in Puppy Manchester and Counties Bulldog Club

Baby at Darlington ch show being so good bless

Darlington ch show
Mrs C E Newman’s Wencar Ice Ice Baby. Very close up to 1. Beautifully headed w bitch of almost 12 months of age.

Up to size and heavier set than
1. Large brick shaped head with lovely sour expression, wide flat skull, correctly placed
neat rose ears, broad deep stop, well defined furrow, dark large correctly shaped eyes well
set, large black nose with open nostrils, neat split over nose roll set well back, well filled
foreface and cheeks, good turn of underjaw, good layback. Forehand with strong bone,
straight forelegs although to be hypercritical could be a tad longer to balance wide fore-chest
and deep brisket. Strong arched neck of good length, body of correct shape with lovely tacked
on shoulders, excellent spring of rib, correct top- line/roach, good tail well set, well angulated hindquarters. Moved very well.

Northumberland and Durham show judge Vincent Moles Meljane Wencar Ice Ice baby sweet Baby won

her puppy class best puppy bitch best puppy in show best bitch in show res best in show best op sex

it was lovely showing mum and daughter xx

Thank you Ron baby for showing her and exp Dawn Mantle Halley the judge

for thinking so highly of my baby xx

what a lovely day my lovely Wencar Ice Ice baby winning
best bitch in group 3 then going on to with best puppy Competition
at the British bulldog Club gold medal competition thank you
Jean Booth (Hobtop) Kevin Banner (Sebyan) and Anna Strowger (Slaughden)
for thinking so higly of her I just over the moon and she was such a
good girl for just over 9 months old and there was 26 puppies there
great day thank you all she had steak for tea lol

Wencar Ice Ice Baby won at the Northunberlaned and Durhan puppy comp won her age group then

went one to wi puppy in the comp thank you Jean Booth Hobtop am just over the moon had a great day xx

Blackpool ch show Judge Bill Johnston
Neman's Wencar Ice Ice Baby W. Compact pup nice head with good
expression nice jaw with upturn flared nose nice placed eyes wide apart
with good pigment nice mouth with upturn and width nice placed
rose ears good shoulders straight legs with enough bone top line
fine good free tail nice mover.

Windsor Ch Show winning puppy bitch with Ron Harris Judging

1st MPB Wencar Ice Ice Baby.As white as her name describes,
very eye catching mature nearly nine months old baby with
pleasing long skull having well set rose ears. widely spaced dark eye ,
fine nose roll, excellent pigmentation, good turn of wide jaw,
pleasing front with deep wide chest well let down,
good tacked on shoulders, well placed elbows,
good bone to strong pasterns and well knuckled feet.
Well arched strong neck, deep brisket, barrel rib,
pleasing topline .free straight tail. moved well.
Has a very bright future .
thank you Tony Dalmamin

Baby winning best young bitch at the Manchester and Counties Puppy Comp

thanks you to the judge Margaret Wildman

The Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Bulldog Club championship show
thank you Ann van den Heuvelthink so highly of my baby
MPB (8) 1st Newman Wencar Ice Ice baby white Fabulous puppy lovely outline
terrific head long skull, with good stop, dark pigment,
nice round checks, good width and well filled foreface,
good layback, nice turn and width of jaw, lovely deep brisket,
grand barrel rib short coupled, good bone, excellent topline and tail setting
,good hindquarters, typical puppy character and movement which I like
to see in a puppy, plenty of substance, really loved this puppy
Im sure she will have a fine future
Ann van den Heuvel

Welks ch show
Minor puppy bitch 6E 1A
1. Mrs c Newmans Wencar Ice Ice Baby . Standard size puppy , lovely dark eyes ,great
pigmentation, open nostrils , correct ear placement , nice square front to tight neat feet , nice
pear shape body , very promising , very playful on the move but sound thank you Kelly Wells? for a lovely write up x

the northern bulldog club Baby won minor pup best puppy bitch
best puppy on show and no im gob smacked she just won best bitch in show
and now beat the dog for best in show over the moon 6 month on the day
First time out and she tried to be good bless her thank John Bishoprick
for thinking so highly of her and thank you Paul for the picture

Northen bulldog Club thank you John for thing so highly of baby
MPB 9 (6a) 1st Newmans Wencar Ice Ice Baby. 6 months white.
Lovely standard puppy with great expression, well placed rose ears,
flat skull and darkest of eye. Well filled cheek with good open nostrils,
nice turn of jaw. Good shoulders with straight bone to god feet
and nice brisket. Lovely body shape with good neck. Very good rib
and topline with nicely angulated rear and good tail. A little lively
on the move but only a baby. Took my eye straightaway.
Was pleased to award her BP BB and BIS.

Sheffield and Leodensian Bulldog Club
newmans wencar ice ice baby white
Another quality puppy bitch in excellent condition
lovely brick type head dark pigment clear dark eyes
open nostrils good front down to tight feet pear shape body
& good spring of rib healthy tail moved and handled well
Thankyou Rhonda Bennett Rhobull for Baby's lovely
critique and for thinking so highly of her.

Baby six month old at her first show

Baby neally 6 months old

4 and a half months old at the Rochdale puppy walk

Baby being a good girl

!5 week

Bab 13 weeks old

Bab having a cuddle

11 weeks old

Baby 9 weeks old

3 weeks old


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