Afterglow Christofer Robin


Born 19th November 2009

Chico May 2014

Chico having fun

Chico playing with lexi bulldog puppy

Chico 5 months old

Chico out side

Chico being Spoilt by Shreen

Chico sleeping

Chico what shall I do now lol

Chico being Chico

Loves his Bed


Afterglow Crocodile Rock Bodebi Tommy Tucker Eng Ch Veejim Delta Force at Taradone Eng Ch Fridy's Jazz Solo for Afterglow
Veejim Euro Duty free
Bodebi Golden Melody Eng Ch Dachids's Johnny Angel
Bodebi All about Eve
Afterglow Bam bam Afterglow I'll Be Back Eng Ch Dorenty's Nokumded Norman
Afterglow Shocking Pink  
Afterglow Peek-a-Lilly Afterglow Blue Peter  
Veejim Maverick Queen  
Afterglow Daniella Afterglow Peking on Parade Afterglow Blue Peter Sventra Super Blue
Veejim Euro Flame
Veejim Maverick Queen Yetagen Yaryan
Veejim in Print
Afterglow Ratatoullie Copymear Carbon Copy at Chiquitto Eng Ch Copymear Court Jester
Meonshore Zita
Afterglow Shocking Pink Sventra Super Blue
Veejim Euro Flame