International Championship

Show Judge

( Bulldogs )

Mrs. Carol Newman (Wencar)


Places I have judge< >< > < ><



Junior Limit show

Manchester and counties open show

Yorkshire open show

Leodensian open show

Sheffield open show

Northern open show

Chaswater canine open show

Blackpool & Fylde open show

Lytham canine open show



Bulldog of the year morning show

Scottish kennel Club Ch show

Richmond Championship show

Bulldog of the year(1990)

Winsor Ch Show


Birmingham Championship show

B.U.BA Championship show

The British Bulldog Club

Championship show

Scottish Kennel Club Ch show

Bulldog of the year (1996)


Leeds Championship show

Bulldog Club Inc. Ch Club

Ladies kennel Club

Crufts (2005)

Bulldog Of the Year 2007

Manchester and Counteis Btulldogs Club Ch show (2008)

Shefield Breed Club Ch Show 2010

Yorkshire puppy comp 2013

Junior Bulldogs Club champ show Dogs 2014

Rochdale puppy comp 2015

Northumberland and Dirham Puppy comp August 2016

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Judging overseas< >< >< >< >< >

Holland Championship show

Finland Championship show

Switzerland Championship show

Japan Championship Show

Bulldog Club of Detroit U.S.A.

Spain Championship show


Madrid Championship show

Australian Championship show

Philadelphia Ch show U.S.A.

Bulldog-Klubben Danish

Championship show

Holland's Bulldogs online nl

Tenerife ch show (May 2003)

Italian Ch Show (September 2003)

Bulldog Club of Sweden (June 2005)

Portuguese Bulldog Association (August 2005)

Spain (Oct 2005)

Real Sociedad Spain Madrid (20th & 21th May 2006)

Brazil National Cg show (4th November 2006)

Exposicion Canina Int (Portugalete) July 2007

Spring International Dog Show Spain 2207

Tronto Bulldog Club Ch Show USA Oct 2007

Euro Dog Internation Show belgiun Nov 2008

Spanish ch show Nov 3rd 2008

5th Copa Paulista ABRABULL Paulista Cup Brazil April 2009

Allgemeiner Bulldog Club Germany May 2nd 2009

Club Show Czech Club show on 19.09.2009

Japan Kennel Club Inc Fukuoka,23rd Janaury 2010

Norway ch show May 2010

Italian bulldog Chub September 2011

Belgische Engelse Bulldog Club September 2012


Bulldog of the year Holland 2014 judge 2015 in Jan

The International Dog Shows Rijeka 7th and 8th Febuary2015


Trledo Bulldog Club 17th October 2015

Eurodogshow Belgium 14th November2015

Associação de Amigos da Raça Bulldog, the Portuguese breed club. 5th December 2015

Northumberland and Durham Puppy comp August 2016

Slovakia bulldogs club Saturday 15th October 2016

The Italian Bulldog Club at dog show Messina Reggio Calabria Saturday 22nd October2016

The Bulldog Club Incorporated Bulldog of the year 2016

Boy Spain November 2017

South of England Bulldog Club September 2017

South of England Bulldog Chub Ch show September 2018


Circole Italiano Bulldog Club Sicily 22/10/2016

Best dog Best Bitch BIS the bitch

My Best in show


Best Puppy

Slovakia bulldogs club Saturday 15th October 2016

Best dog and BIS

Best Bitch and BOS

Best Junior in show

Best Puppy

North umberland and Durham puppy comp

Best puppy in comp

Bulldogs at 52nd Eurodogshow, Kortrijk – Belgium ?

Date 14/11/2015.

Best bitch and BOB

Best bitch and best dog

Best Junior making her a Junior Ch

T0rledo Bulldog Club


Best of winners dog

Best op

winners bitch

Rochdale Bulldog Club Puppy Compertition

Best Puppy

Honorable judge: Mrs. Carol Newman UK

Best in show Baby Puppy

The International Dog Shows Rijeka 7th and 8th Febuary2015

Best In show Baby Puppy

Best Breeder Group

Best In Show

BOy in Holland 2014

Going over some lovely dogs in Holland at The bulldog of the years


Best dog and best bitch

Belgische Engelse Bulldog Club September 2012

Winning dog and Bitch

Italian Bulldog Club September 2011

Bis and BOS


The Sheffield and Leodensian Bulldog club Centenary Champion ship show 5t April 2010

was a wonderful show thank you to the committee for all there hard work

Best bitch in show and BOS

Best bitch CC and red best bitch

Junior bitch 1st 2nd and 3rd

Open bitch winner


Bulldog of the Year November 2007

When I judges BOY 2007

Bulldog of the year 2007 with the three judges

When I judge Crufts 2005


My Bitch CC and Best of Breed

My Dog CC best opposite sex

Manchester and Counties breed ch Show

Best dog and Best in show

Bitch CC dog CC and best puppy in show

Best Bitch and Best in show in Japan

Best dog and Res best in show in Japan

Best puppy in Japan

Best Baby puppy in Japan


Best in show at Prague

Best Bitch in Prague


Allgemeiner Bulldog Club show and Germany kennel club show

best dog BIB and res best dog

Allgemeiner Bulldog Club show and Germany kennel club show

best female and res best female

Brazil bulldog Ch show 2009 best dog and best of breed

Brazil bulldog Ch show 2009 best Female

BPIS winner in the Valencia Bulldog Club Show 2008

Best dog and best bitch (BrazilI

Best bitch (brazil)

Best dog and best in show (Brazil)

Giving my talk in Brazil

Best in show res best in show in Malaga Spain

Best in show and res best in show at Portugal





Best Dog and Best Bitch UK

Tenerife spain


Best dog and best bitch

Spring International Dog Show held in Talavera de la Reina Spain

Best of breed and went on to win best of Group

British bulldog Club Puppy of the year Cop

Best in Breed

Exposicion Canina Int (Portugalete)

Bulldog gor 2nd in Group

Exposicion Canina Int (Portugalete)

Exposicion Canina Int (Portugalete)

Winning Dog Tronto Ch Show

Winning Bitch Tronto Ch Show

Winning Puppies Tronto Ch Show

I am a Breed Specielist Judge of Bulldogs at Championship level

Also Judge Toy Poodle and Lhasa Apsos and varieties

at Open show level