Valglo Golden Breeze at Wencar

Sire: Kryptics Choice at Bullisimo

Dam: Jakzar Star Attraction

Dob 28/2/2008

Our Macks

Macks May 2014

Mack May 2014



Mack's 2012

Mack's head

Mack's 17 months old 2010

Come on cats lets play

no Im not coming

Our Macks neally 8 months old

Macks 15 weeks old

Macks being a good boy

Macks playing with his ball

Our Macks

just over 7 weeks old

Mack being a good boy at 7 weeks

Kryptics Choice at Bullisimo
Ch Calibra Kryptonite
Calibra Classic Gold
Top stud dog Brampton Mr Douglas
Brampton Yossa's Lad
Hobtop Holly
Calibra Living Doll
Lynmans Living Legend
Calibra Satin'N' silk
Ch Calibra Golden Jubilee
Eng Ch Mystyle Golden Wonder
Eng Ch Merriveen Make My Day
Hyten Hope'N Desire For MyStyle
Calibra Living Doll
Lynmans Living Legend
Calibra Satin'N' silk
Tammy's Girl
Kingrock Firefighter
Ch Iceglint I'm Alfred
Lynmans Living Legend
Annes Treasure to Iceglint
Kingrock Floribunda
Kingrock Mighty Murphy
Kyke's Queen of the Lock at Kingrock
Louzola Reet Petite
Ecosse The Boss of Kingrock
Kingrock Pugilist
Tighthead Astra of Sussex n Ecosse
Louzola Pepsi Cola
Kingrock Pugilist
Puma Classic at Louzola
JAkzar Star Attraction
Kefaar Lord of the Rings of Kanchee
Eng Ch Merriveen Make My Day
Eng Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Eng Ch Kelloe Kid Glove
Eng Ch Esclusham Song of Sixpence
Merriveen Mi 'Lady
Hyten Heavens To Merga Troid
Merriveen Maybe Lucky
Kefaar Pussy Galore
Kofyn Kawtcha Lookin
Eng Ch Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe
Eng Ch Macracken Golden Rain in Kofyn
Eltoro Sweet Talk
Kanchee Silver Dollar
Merilee Ma Baker at Eltoro
Danzante Crystal Gift
Leydud Cappachino
Heathertons Rebel Red
Kanchee Andsome Arnie
Willetts Bessy Pretty Bell
Kanchee Reflection of Krisskross
Washington Sutus
Krisskross Solitaire of Kanchee
Gentle Peruasion
Sabany Centurion
Aldridge Aquarius
Kilsyth Scarlet Temptress At Sabany
Maid With Us In Mind
Terlingfair Churchill Boy
Darkest Jess