Me now

Our Golden wedding 50 years married

This is Ron and I we have been Married 48 years


My Husdand Ron now

my son Karl today

My son Karl who we are very proud of


Karl and his wife Cliona

My grandson Christian now

My grandson Christian


Our Shreen

My Daughter Shreen

Shreen and her Husband Chris

Shreen and her Husband Chris

Our Shreen Family

My grandson Ben now

My grandson Ben

My grandson Alex now

My grandson Alex

My grandson Harry now

My grandson Harry

Ben Alex and Harry

Shreen Ben and Alex

Sreen and her two boys


Ben and Alex on Alex 3nd Birthday

Sadly missed

This is my Dad he meant the world to me passed awaay at the age of 82 and is sadly missed

This is my mum on her 90th Birthday (8th April 2005) she passed away on the 5th April 2008 two day befor her 93rd birthday

Me and My sister Wendy

My friend Chris

My friendMargaret

Shreen and Chris wedding

7th July 2012


My Son Karls Wedding to Cliona


Karl and Cliona having there first dance

Karl and Cliona and jon the best man

The Newman family

Me and Ron


Shreen and me

Mary Cliona mum and me

Two mums and Ron

Shreen Chris and ben

Ron and Cliona


when we were just married 40 years ago

Our Wedding

This is my house

Here's our car

My Car

This is inside where we live

My Kitchen

My Hall and stairs

My Office

This is the garden

Where most of my cats live


who looks after me when I go Judging oversea (she my minder ha ha)

Our Toby looking at himself


Her is all my Persian cats

Shadow, Pebbles, Misty, Tandy


So that's my home and family all my dogs and cats are on there own pages please take a look at them

Here are some of my dogs playing

Go to My Home page to see them all