My Young Girls

A Star For Live Surrounds Bulls at Wencar(ImpNLD)

Sire Young Ned Ch Wencar Silver Breeze--Dam To Serve with Honour

Born 19 December 2012

Our Sky

A Star For Live Surrounds Bulls at Wencar Our lovely sky got second in Limit bitch out of a lovely class at Drifield Ch show today Judge Ann van den Heuvel she so good bless her think the world of her thank you so much Erimus Paul-Catherine for the great picture xx

Newman: Star For Live Surrounds With Bull at Wencar; nice
sized bitch, beautiful coat condition, nice head, good clear eyes ,
nice stop and width of foreface, dark pigmentation, neat front with
strong bone, would have liked more barrel of rib, short cobby body,
good hindquarters, moved well

Newman’s Star For Live Surrounds with Bull at Wencar, r/w, good length of skull, well fitting jaw good pigmentation, strong neck into good shoulders, short well ribbed body, good angulation to the rear, shown in immaculate condition & moved well; Thank you Peter New for thinking so highly of my lovely Sky Darlington Ch show

Scotis Ch show just Chris Bradshow

Britis club show 2nd on Limite bitch

Judge Lorraine Watkins
2nd A Star For Live Surrounds Bulls at Wencar (IMP NDL) Red and white .Smaller than 1 but a very clean bitch.

Brick shaped head with excellent length. Small thin ears. large dark round eye, wide underjaw with great width between canines,

wide foreface and beautiful layback. Square straight front. well tucked up . lovely straight tail with good length and set. Moved well front and back. Spotlessly Clean.

Sky (A Star For Live Surrounds Bulls at Wencar) in limit biich

at blackpool ch show looking great after her pups and was really good bless her

LIMIT BITCH Class.-t Northumberland and Durha
White and red feminine bitch. Standard size and very good clear expression bitch. Every line on his place. Flat skull, and broad muzzle. Very good eyes, healthy and well placed; big nose with open nostrils. Wide shoulders with straight forelegs. Very good ribs and top line, only a bit long body. Very good placed tail and healthy. She moved very well.thank you Judge: Mr. Vicente Molés Vilar.- “Meljane” (Spain) thinking so highly og our Sky

Our lovely Sky (A Star For Live Surrounds Bulls at Wencar) first time out since Windsor ch show

14 month ago and after she had Wencar Ice Ice Baby went to her first ch show today at Darlington 2015

got First in a nice limite bitch class thank you judge Peter Davis for thing so highly of her Im over the moon well done sweet Sky

.LB (8/2)
1 Mrs C E Newman’s A Star For Live Surrounds With Bull At Wencar. Very pleasing standard size r/w bitch of 2 years 9 months of age. Very nice head with
broad flat skull, good wrinkle, excellent length of skull and layback, neat rose ears well placed,
well set dark eyes of good shape, large nose with neat full over nose roll well set back, deep
broad stop, nice upsweep of underjaw,
good lip placement, true mouth. Well balanced front assembly with good bone, strong
pasterns and neat cat feet well knuckled up. Correct tacked on shoulders, strong arched
neck of good length. Good angulation front and back, adequate spring of rib and depth of brisket.

Pleasing top-line/roach and lovelystraight tail set low. Moved very well in alldirections. A little out of coat, I understand
from maternal duties and could have carried a tad more weight to complete the overall picture

Sky at Windser

My lovely Sky

Sky being good

JB 1 Newman’s A Star For Live Surrounds With Bull at Wencar,
Standard bitch. True front. Good rib & topline. Good tailset.
Pleasing head with dark, clear eyes. Long skull & balanced foreface.
Moved well keeping her topline;

Sky getting First in Junior Bitch at Welk

Judge Bryan Taylor

JB (5,1) 1 Newman’s A Star For Live Surrounds with Bull at Wencar, r/w,
standard size with good skull & strong foreface, dark eyes, well placed
neat ears, good bone, short back with topline to tailset, good mover;

Northumbland and Durham judge Chris Carberry

JB (11) 1 Newman’s A Star For Live Surounds With Bull at Wencar, r/w,

Standard of good type.

Flat skull with fine wrinkle, good length of foreface,

clean eyes & open nose. Enough bone with good ribs & topline, moved OK;

Sky at the Sheffield and Leodensian bulldog club ch show

on 21st April 2nd out of the big stoung class

Sky got third at the The Northern Bulldog Club CH Show 30/03/14:
judge Avi Mallach Pneimallach Bull (ISREAL)
thank you Ulierier Russell for the picture

Manchester and Counties Bulldog club ch show

JB (11,1) 1 Newman’s A Star For Live Surrounds With Bulls at Wencar, r/w extremely well balanced throughout
& loved her appealing expression. Great width & turn of true underjaw, open nostrils, neat over nose roll,
excellent layback, clear dark eyes, square front, nice depth of brisket, tidy feet, well angulated hindquarters,
good topline & excellent tail, moved really well & in lovely condition;

Sky winning Best puppy bich at the BUBA judge Rob Harris

Best Puppy Bitch at BUBA championshipe show judge Rob Harris
PB 1 A Star For Live Surrounds With Bull at Wencar, she is r/w with lovely turn & sweep
of underjaw.She has wide nostrils with lovely dark eyes & good ears.
She has tight feet with a lovely front & good toplineShe did play up a little on the move,
but did move well. She is a very strong, sound girl. She has a nice tail that is set low;

Sky winning best puppy bitch and Best puppy of breed at LKA judge Kelly Wells

LKA critiques... judge MRS KELLY WELLS PB(13/7a) Newman,s Star For Live Surrounds With Bull At Wencar (imp)
standard r/w, very feminine, Nice Flat Skull, correct rose ears,
lovely dark open eyes with good pigmentation,
True jaw, well developed chest, square front to lovely tight feet,
nice pear shaped body, good angulation,
moved her width and maintained her top line on the move,
another playful pup, a pleasure to award best puppy bitch and best puppy.

Thank you to breed specialist mrs Ann van den heuvel-Cohen

Sky write up for Darlington Ch show
MPB (9) 1 Newman’s A Star For Live Surrounds With Bull at Wencar,
lovely baby, short compact body, pleasing head for age,
nice clear eyes, good filled foreface for age, already
a good brisket, just enough bone, good ribs,
nice hindquarters, lovely coat, moved as a typical puppy;

Sky winning Minor puppy at darlingtom ch show

Sky winning Minor puppy at darlingtom ch show

Sky sunning herself

Sky peeping lol

Sky first show at Blackpool being a good girl

Im so clever lol

Moving let me get out of here lol


Sky being a good girl

Sky standing like a good girl

Sky sucking her bed lol

Sky with her mum

Sky leiving on her long Trip to the UK bless her

Sky saying goodbye to her first mum x

Sky Pedigree

Young Ned Ch Wencar Silver Breeze Wimsey's Silver King at Wencar Am Can Ch Wencar Silver Flame Wencar Silver Sonlight Merriveen Son of Satan
Eng Ch Jackath Silver Moonlight of Wencar
Thatchway Fenella Eng Ch Kingrock Captain Christian
Ecton Bronte of Thatchway
Wimsey's Cremorna Gardens Wimsey's Shrewsbury Cadfael Am Ch Kelloe Local Hero
Am Ch Wimsey's Shrewsbury Gaudy
Wimsey's Fenchurch Red Bell Eng Am Ch Hobtop Picalo
Wimsey's Silver Moonlight
Wencar Glint of Gold Eng Ch Belushi Rhythm and Blues Britishpride Power 'N' Glory Petworth Captain Pugwash of Ringablok
Eng Ch Petworth Passion Potter of Britishpride
Eng Ch Belushi Floy Joy Eng Ch Shebador Our Floyd At Ocobo
Wigin Wanda of Belushi
Dendav Missy Juliet Wencar Little Devil Dawnstar Diplomat
Edgewick Little Tina of Wencar
Wencar Golden Child At DenDav Eng Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Edgewick Little Tina of Wencar
To Serve with Honour La Fleur In Ned Ch Sir Hummer With Sense of Honour The Hoprs Las Vegas charming carlie calk Britispride power `n glory
Ardenrun charming thought
medbull little cherub at nozobozz Eng Ch Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal
Hiising Lucki Lulu at Medbull
Miss March with the Sense of Honour red boy v.d blijenhoek Eng Ch Greatshot Buckmaster
Pebbels v.d Bleijenhoek
beau v.d blijenhoek Eng Ch Standing ovation from energybulls
Lucky number v.d Bleijenhoek
Hel yos La Fleur Rubins V H Slaghek allmoss scaramouch Eng Ch Ocobo Just Do It
shiloh fanny adams for almoss
hannelore v.h slaghek edmundo van het slaghek
the hopi's catarin
Lenior La Fleur winston v 't houkje mooby grape de windoka
kirby van de bleijenhoek
misty la fleur jedy